Jimmy Dorabjee, an Asian, a major figure in the drug users’ movement in Asia, and a pioneer in international harm reduction policy and practice, worked for the Burnet Institute, Australia.

In recognition of Jimmy’s untiring efforts, the Burnet Institute announced the “Dorabjee Award” at the Harm Reduction International Conference HR23 closing ceremony in Melbourne, Australia.

Dorabjee Award will provide scholarships, supporting two people with lived/living experience working in the harm reduction field to attend a conference on drug use and related harms. 

The two scholarships:

  • The Dorabjee Award International
  • The Dorabjee Award Asia


World Hepatitis Day is observed every year on 28 July to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, this year’s theme is “One life, One liver”. It emphasizes the significance of preserving and safeguarding our liver health, through taking proactive steps towards maintaining liver health and encouraging governments, healthcare providers and organizations to continue efforts to accelerate hepatitis tests and treatment. Read More..

In Pakistan, People who inject drugs (PUD), People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and People with Alternate Sexuality (SOGIESC) face a taboo and high level of stigma and discrimination. Sex work and same-sex relationships are treated as a crime and an offence, drug use is treated as an illegal act in Pakistan1. As per the UNAIDS HIV estimate report 2016-172, the HIV prevalence among People who use Drugs (PUD) is at 38.4% in Pakistan. As per the Prevention report 2020, the coverage of prevention programmes among people who inject drugs is very low3. Sharing of equipment used for injecting drug use (IDU) is a substantial cause of disease burden and a contributor to blood-borne virus transmission. As per ‘Pakistan’s growing HIV epidemic 2022, HIV transmission via needle sharing among people who inject drugs remains the most common means of transmission4. Read More..

@EamonnMurphy63 @YouthLEADAP_ @apcom @apnplus_ @ICWAPasiapac @WeAreAPTN @wearenapud @CDCGlobal @CDC_HIV @USAIDAsia On Day 2, the #SevenAlliance & country partners highlighted the importance of community leadership, engagement & partnership with governments and donors in the region to strengthen #CLM in Asia Pacific.

That’s a wrap! @UNAIDS is happy to have supported the #SevenAlliance & country partners in a 2-day consultation on community-led monitoring #CLM, with funding from @CDCgov. Highlights below 👇🏼

Kicking off the regional CLM consultation “Line Up for Change Collaboratively shaping the Asia Regional Observatory Indicators”

@apcom @apnplus @apnsw @WeAreAPTN @wearenapud @ICWAPasiapac


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