Country Team

Prasert Thathong (Seven)

National Coordinator (Thailand)

Seven, brings 25 years of experience in the prevention of HIV and AIDS among people who use drugs especially the youth groups. He has worked as a Manager at the Ozone Foundation – a community led organisation in Thailand offering Harm Reduction services focusing on prevention, management, treatment of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis. He currently holds the board position of Chairman of the ‘Deciduous for development Group’ in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.

Seven is the National Coordinator of the NAPUD small grants project titled “Innovative Advocacy Approaches to Address Health & Human Rights among People who Use/inject Drugs in Thailand” [IAA project]. The small grants project is supported by the RCF grants through INPUD.

Pham Viet Nam

National Coordinator (Vietnam)

Nam, who has formal English training and also 4 years of formal training in External Affairs, currently is a Coordinator for VNPUD – a national network of people who use drugs in Vietnam which offers services relating but not limited to harm reduction, HIV testing, counselling, mental health counselling in 33 different provinces in Vietnam. He has a few years of experience in volunteer work at a community level focusing on underprivileged groups of people and public health especially during the pandemic.

He is in charge of VNPUD’s communication, social media, proposals and all the different projects that are under way. With a lot of training in communication and translation, he can effectively connect groups in the network and also with international partners. He also has experience in public relations and is also in charge as a manager of the HOPE Cafe which aims to support people who use drugs by creating a safe space for PUD members. Nam is the National Coordinator for Innovative advocacy approaches to address health and rights of People who Use Drugs in Vietnam.

Toar Kumontoy

National Coordinator (Indonesia)

Toar is a graduate from the Faculty of Economics, University of Sam Ratulangi, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. A Harm Reduction advocate Toar Kumontoy is the founder member and led the Peer Group named as “Persaudaraan Korban Napza Sulawesi Utara” (PKNS) [English translation – North Sulwesi Drug User’s Network) between the period from 2014 till 2022.

Toar has previously worked as a lead consultant with PKNI on a peer-led research qualitative study on COVID-19, and PUD drug decriminalization with key populations.